Healing Place

Stop, Listen. the wind is calling.
Beckoning us to a moment in time
Somewhere ahead of us we find our limits
Somewhere in time we find our reason
we find our rhyme.
We fight each day a new
A battle for which our soul is torn in two
In the Hopes that one day it is made whole
And we find our selves healed and true
We focus so hard on the wars we wage
The battle in our mind
The fight of the day to day
We focus on these things
That we find are just a means to an end
And we forget to listen to the wind
We forget to feal the warmth
Of the sun baring down on our face
We forget to experience the seconds
And we forget to find our place
So stop for a moment. And listen
Listen to the wind as it beckons
Through your days of madness and pain
Let the song of the seconds.
Guide you to your peace
And in your soul you will find
Your healing place.

For Little Miss