About The Artist

A History of Creativity

As a child I was raised with multiple avenues of creativity and the arts open to me. Ranging from things as simple as legos to painting, drawing, quilting, sculpting and many more. Due to a saturation of options and low to no family income I was forced to be creative in expressing my self. Taking advantage of resources provided by nature and oportunities provided in school. The drive to create kept forcing me to explore new options.

About The Artist

As an Artist, gamer and father. My entire world has been about creativity and being open to new and sometimes emotionally challenging events in life. In my art you will find reflections of both positive and negative events in my life. Ranging from events as a child to things that are more current. Any artist will tell you that what you see in their art is a reflection of what is in their soul.

My Reason for building AutPopsArt

AutPops Art was estalibished in a hope of providing a means to support my two children. As a single father with two teens it can be challenging to provide for them and meet their daily needs. But in our situation the challenges become even more extreme. Both of my childred are non verbal Autistic. They require 24 hour care and due to this a traditional job has not been an option. So I have fallen back on to the things I know best. I am finding ways to allow my creativity to support them and hopefully provide them an amazing life even after I am long gone. The dream is simple. To allow my children to enjoy every moment of their lives. I realized a long time ago that the world will put enough barriers up for them in life. That more than anything what I find most important is them being able to live a life with smiles and joy. Allowing them to be cared for and provided for once I am gone from this world.